3 Secrets to the Perfect Wedding Bridal Getting Ready Room

July 10, 2018

One of the most fun parts of your wedding day is getting ready for the big day with all your bridesmaids! Whether you’re getting hair & make up done, bought your girls a fabulous gift, or are just enjoying the morning together; you want those memories to look just as fantastic as your portraits! For most church weddings, the getting ready room ends up being in the basement. And unfortunalely most church basements weren’t built with your beautiful wedding in mind! They offer little light, cramped spaces and often a lot of items hanging around that you don’t necessarily care to have in your photos.

Woah, wait! I’m getting married in a church… What should I do?

Today I get to be the bearer of good news!

With a few tweaks almost any room can be transformed into the perfect bridal getting ready space! You heard me right! Pick a spot with some good light, clear a little space, move some pre-existing items around—boom, you’re set!

Now, there’s always the exception to the rule. But, unless the room you plan to get ready in has zero windows, crazy painted walls and is a closet, there’s hope!

If you’re reading this and suddenly think, “Uh, the room I’m getting ready in is really a storage room…this is never going to work.” Don’t fret! Chances are if the designated “getting ready” room isn’t perfect, another space at your venue will be! If your venue is slim on options, getting ready in your hotel room is always a great alternative!

Regardless of where you decide to get ready, consider these things when it comes to choosing the best location for you and your girls!

Natural Light is Key

Cameras don’t just love light. They need it. The best light of all? Natural light. Artificial light has its way of making your skin look anything but the glowing perfection you are. Zero windows = zero natural light. If the room you’re getting ready in doesn’t have at least a little natural light from a window, chances are your photographer will take you to the natural light!


Get rid of the clutter!

The last thing you want to remember forever about your wedding is the clutter. You know the gallons of hairspray, duffle bags, bras, and leftover lunch? It just doesn’t look good (or beautiful!). Clear everything out of at least one corner of the room. You’ll be thankful for the extra clean space!


Clear the walls

Most hotels and other bridal getting ready rooms have wall decor already hung. Unless it’s something special to you, it doesn’t have to be there. I’ve been known to move a wall hanging or two if it’s not bolted in! If this is the case though, we always  make sure to put things back where we found them!

bonus: Want that bright look in your photos? Pick a room with a light/neutral wall color!

There you have it! Three little secrets that make for a beautiful getting ready room!


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