Elegant Iowa Winter Engagement | Kelsey & Tommy

January 30, 2020

It all started a little awkward. One of Kelsey’s friends set her up on a blind date with a guy named Tommy. The day of the date arrived and Kelsey still had no idea what Tommy even looked like! When he arrived, it was dark outside, so she still couldn’t get a clear picture of him. When they arrived at Village Inn (Kelsey really wanted breakfast for supper and I love her for that!), she finally got to see Tommy’s face clearly! As they sat at the table across from each other, the conversation was slow. Neither of them knew much about the other. But, as they conversed about things they each loved, their fondness began to grow.

After that date, they never stopped talking! The mystery guy her friends set her up with turned out to be super sweet and fun to be around! A few months ago they were in one of Kelsey’s favorite places — the barn! She turned around to find Tommy down on his knee. He smiled and told her he wasn’t joking. They quickly went to share their news without realizing Tommy never actually asked the question! They laugh about it now as they plan their wedding!

We were lucky to have a beautiful winter day with fresh snow and sunny skies for their engagement session! Winter is always a tricky time in Iowa because you never really know what kind of day you’ll get! Kelsey is an absolute champ. She braved the chilly winds and snow in HEELS!! Exploring the winter wonderland together was so fun!

Kelsey and Tommy, you guys are (and look!) amazing for braving the cold! It was so fun to get to know you both a little more driving though the fields of snow! Tommy, you’re a perfect gentleman. The way you were always making sure Kelsey had a clear path through the snow to get amazing photos was so sweet. I’m thrilled to be your photographer and I can’t wait to capture your (warmer!) wedding day this fall!

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