He likes me, he likes me not

February 6, 2018

I spent much of my middle school (and high school) days obsessing over band. I pushed myself to be the best flute player I possibly could be. 8th grade year rolled around and so did my first opportunity to travel to an honor band audition. The days leading up to the audition were a blur of practicing and preparing every little detail.

Audition day came. I walked up the steps of the yellow bus to join the other 8th graders. Anxiety raged within me. I scanned the bus for an empty seat. My heart skipped a beat. Joey, a super cute trombone player, was sitting towards the back of the bus (I’d forgotten how he embarrassed me in 6th grade). I quickly slid into a hard brown vinyl seat. On top of the anxiety, my heart now fluttered. Unlike me, Joey loathed the very idea of attending this event. That didn’t matter though. He was dreamy.

After a stressful day of auditions and call-backs, I waited with anticipation as lists of the accepted names rolled down the walls. SUCCESS, the judges had chosen me! Another name caught my eye on the list—Joey McNeill. By raw talent, Joey had also been selected, and not by a little. He’d been chosen as the high-honor trombone, a title I dreamed of receiving. My envy was raging. But hey, he was cute, and this meant we were going on a trip for an entire day together! My first crush was definitely taking roots.

The bus ride home he sat caddy corner from me. We talked a bit. To a shy, homeschooled student like me, if someone talks to you, it’s most likely because they either like you, or are looking to embarrass you. My young naïve mind thought he liked me. He was actually flirting with me! My little crush grew. After all, the unimaginable was taking place. This cute boy was talking to me!

This was going somewhere, I just knew it. But as things go, that day ended, a new girl came in to Joey’s sights, and I was quickly forgotten.

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This was the image submitted to the paper announcing those accepted into the honor band. Oh my, things have changed!

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