Reiman Garden Ames Wedding | Allison and Carson

August 11, 2023

The more weddings I’ve photographed, the more I’ve realized that it’s the people who focused on relationships that make wedding days enjoyable. 

It’s not often I get to photograph the same family more than once, but this was my second wedding with this family. Back in the midst of the pandemic, I was first welcomed by this family for their eldest daughter, Anna’s wedding

When I showed up at their house, Allison’s mom gave me a big hug and proudly showed me all the photos hanging in their home. It was easy to feel like part of the family. Their warmth and excitement for the day was exactly how it should be. Too often wedding days can make everyone tightly wound, but their reaction was relaxed and joyful. 

A few things really stood out. The most important being their Christ-centered ceremony. With hands raised, all in attendance genuinely worshiped God. A marriage rooted in Christ is a marriage that lasts. Allison and Carson brought everyone back to the true reason for marriage with their ceremony. 

Allison and Carson gave me the freedom to shoot a little differently. I didn’t spend an hour shooting details. I didn’t pose any “moments” beyond formal portraits. What you see is all genuine. All them. 

It felt good to flex my creativity in the moment. When moments are really happening and there’s no do-overs, you have to be ready and watching for the little glimpses that mean so much. 

I received a text from Allison’s mom after I delivered the gallery. She highlighted one seemingly insignificant photo from each of her daughter’s weddings and told me what they meant to her. Nothing is more affirming than knowing those small, fleeting bits of time I managed to capture brought about true emotion. That’s why I love weddings. If I can document what’s truly in front of me, real memories can be saved.

Allison and Carson, you two are wonderful. Everything about your union was a reflection of Christ. I pray your life together will be an endless continuation of how it started.

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