Waverly Park Couples Session

June 4, 2018

Last summer I got an email from a sweet girl who wanted to book a session with me for her and her beau. Pretty typical, right? Well, she was thinking 10 months in advance! Typically I don’t book portrait sessions that far out, but this time, I’m so glad I did!

You see, Suusen is not only super sweet, but also super creative! She just graduated with her graphic design degree and is a budding photographer. With those two thing in common, we could literally talk for hours. I had the joy of Suusen tagging along with me at a few weddings last year. She watched, practiced and asked questions. I love a teachable heart and Suusen definitely fits the bill!

After months of waiting, the day of their session arrived. The weather was gorgeous despite the predicted storms. I finally got to meet Suusen’s other half, Norbert. If I thought Suusen was sweet before, these two together were like a second helping of mint chocolate ice cream (my favorite!)! Their tenderness and calm demeanor blew me away!

Suusen and Norbert, you guys have so much ahead of you! I wish you the best in your new city. I must admit, I’m selfishly sad you’re leaving. When I meet amazing people, I want them to stick around! Living close to your love is an incredible joy though. Enjoy every moment of life together!

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