Bethany McNeill is a wedding and portrait photographer for refined, elegant clientele throughout Iowa, the Midwest, and beyond.

Artfully documenting the essence of your story through images crafted to last.

If you’re anything like me, you know that elegance and beauty can be found in the mundane, easily overlooked details. And because your wedding day is extraordinary in every sense of the word, those inconspicuous moments are even sweeter than they were before. 

There's Magic in Every moment

Especially when you slow down, be patient, and look closely. 

The way your veil dances in the wind as you walk down the aisle. 

How you reach for each other before you’re close enough to touch. 

The tenderness and intimacy of wiping each other’s tears away.

"our wedding day WaS An absolutely dream with Bethany's light-hearted-ness and genuine love for her couples."

Mandie + Scott

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With a deeply reverent and intentional approach to my craft, I capture enduring imagery of your very best days. Together, we’ll create eternal, abiding photographs that’ll draw you in for years to come. From their place of honor along the mantle or adorning the walls, you’ll be reminded of your growing legacy in the lovlieset way imaginable–one that’s designed to last. 

It’s the understated and the unassuming moments that remind me of one simple truth–wedding photography is so much more than prom poses and trendy photo ops.

And that’s where I come in.



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There’s something thrilling about stepping back and letting go of perfection. The bottom line? You’re as perfect as they come–just as you are now. Together, we’ll create photographs that show what your day felt like, not just how it looked. And just like the best family recipes, your love will be the secret ingredient that’ll make them beyond compare. 
With numerous seasons of shooting weddings in the rear view (and counting), I adore photographing elegant, soulful celebrations with couples around the world who are head over heels for each other. (They’re just as passionate about an expertly curated, beautifully designed wedding, too.)
When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me raising my littles, baking spontaneously, and falling asleep as I read my favorite chapters of the Harry Potter series (again). 

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