The best photographs are the ones that let your story do the talking.

And the story of your wedding day looks like this: 

Thought and intention behind every detail. (hand-lettered escort cards and silk ribbons, anyone?)

Joy and ease at the center of it all.

Elegance at every turn.

You’ve always known what you wanted from your wedding day–besides a fancy new spouse, of course. You’ve known that you want to remember every detail: Every breath, every ounce of jittery energy, every blush, every belly laugh… If there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s this–you never want to forget a thing. 

The right photographer can help you make it happen. 

The good news? 

But finding the right photographer is easier said than done.


makes you feel comfortable enough to let go and surrender to the moment. 

Someone who:

has a portfolio of imagery that you can see yourself in.

Someone who:

will help you look better than ever before (because at the end of the day, that’s why you’re hiring a professional, no?). 

Someone who:

"From the moment we first met with Bethany,
we felt so comfortable."

Jordan + Canaan

Your wedding day should be filled with nothing but uninhibited joy all day long (and the perfect golden hour light). By bringing your vision to life–and documenting it to perfection–let’s spark that joy together. 

With a camera on each hip, I’m ready to help you make your dreams happen–now let’s make some magic.

Here's what I believe:

When you book me, you get me–I’m your bonus bridesmaid who happens to be taking photographs along the way. From beginning to end, I want to know you. What makes you tick? What do you dream about? Only then can I capture artful, honest imagery you’ll come back to again and again. 

As your photographer,
I’m out to do more than deliver a gallery of images at the end of the day.

It wasn’t long after earning my graphic design degree that I realized logos, pamphlets, and sans serif typography wasn’t what I spent my days dreaming about. 

I traded Adobe Illustrator for Photoshop and swapped my MacBook for a lovingly researched second-hand camera. Despite the shift in my career path, process driven design has always come to the forefront of my work no matter what I’m up against. 

When I’m not shooting, I’m chasing my kiddos around our Eastern Iowa home, watching an episode of Friends, or learning to live a “less is more” kind of life.

on a personal note: