Clink the glasses. 
Turn up the tunes. 
Steal a kiss or two (or three). 
Tear up the dance floor. 
Promise me you’ll grab a slice of cake. 
Take nothing for granted. 

Go ahead–get lost in the moment. 
You’ve got me, so you won’t miss a thing. 

Say hello to legacy-worthy wall art. 

And moments like that? They can’t be replaced.


As you flip through your wedding album with your grandchildren someday, you’ll remember how no detail was spared (not even the little ones). Turns out, it’s those inconspicuous, passing moments that really shine as the years go by. They capture more than how your wedding day looked–they capture how it felt, too. 

Together, we’ll craft photographs that’ll have you saying “What a life!” for years to come.

"Every interaction with Bethany was professional (and she is so, so sweet)!"

Kelsey + David


Like what you see? Let’s get to know each other. If you’re ready to take the next step, now’s the time to inquire for availability. As a boutique wedding photography studio, I take on a limited number of celebrations each season to give my couples the attention and level of service they deserve. Many of my couples and their planners book my services anywhere from six months to a year in advance of their wedding day. Wherever you are in the planning process, I’d love to meet you, hear your story, and see the vision behind your wedding day. Click here to fill out my contact form. Depending on how many irons are in the fire, I’ll get back to your note within three business days to book some time on your calendar. 


Step No. 1


Virtual coffee date, anyone? Together, we’ll meet face to face to unpack everything: I want to hear the proposal story, what you dream about, and all the goodness you’re pouring into your wedding day. We’ll use this time to chat, get to know each other, and–if the conversation doesn’t get away from us–I’ll share some insight into my process as a wedding photographer (and how it makes your experience incredible as a Bethany McNeill bride).


Step No. 2


The boxes are checked: Your wedding date is available and we’re a match made in heaven. Now what? It’s time to make it official. In order to save your spot on my calendar, I ask for a retainer fee and a written agreement that sets our partnership in stone. Oh, and keep an eye on your mailbox–I made something just for you and it’s headed your way. 


Step No. 3


You’re in! Your wedding date is signed and sealed on my calendar. It’s time to get some practice in front of the camera, don’t you think? Trust me–the last place you want to discover your camera shyness is on the morning of your wedding day. Together, we’ll shoot to our heart’s content. I love to have this opportunity to photograph you in a relaxed, fun, low stakes environment. This will be your chance to see how it feels to be posed and directed on camera–it’s not as intimidating as you may think, promise! And if I’ve done my job well, you may just forget I’m there. You can count on me to lend a hand with the logistics of your engagement session. I’ll set you up for success with outfit and wardrobe inspiration, location suggestions, and timing recommendations for the best light of the day. 


Step No. 4


Once your engagement session is behind us and your photographs are in hand, you can breathe a sigh of relief–look at how stunning you are! (Didn’t I tell you?) Now, it’s time to play the waiting game. Your wedding day will be here before you know it. Until then, I can’t wait to cheer you on from the sidelines: Promise I’ll be your first double tap when you post photos from your bridal shower on Instagram. I’m in your corner every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or “I need a fresh pair of eyes!” Keep an eye on your inbox for a questionnaire that I’ll send you two months prior to the wedding. Your responses will help me know what to expect so I can serve you as best as I possibly can.


Step No. 5


Pop the bubbles–the big day is finally here! The days leading up to this point have been long, but tonight will be gone in a flash. Savor every second and let your worries wait until tomorrow (and do the same thing the day after that). All you have to do is enjoy. Fingers crossed I won’t miss a thing! My packages come with eight hours of wedding day coverage, with the option to tack on additional hours for any can’t miss moments that take place outside the coverage period (looking at you, late night sparkler send off). 


Step No. 6


Your honeymoon period is about to get even sweeter. Your wedding photos are here! My creative process is worth the wait: As an analog film photographer, your photographs weren’t just taken–they were made! Each image is crafted by hand and retouched to the utmost quality. From beginning to end, I pour my heart and soul into every photograph to create love you can feel no matter the frame. I encourage you to take an evening to browse your online gallery together and relive every moment. Grab the tissues, order DoorDash, and make a date out of it! The online gallery makes downloading, sharing, and posting your photos easy as can be. Even though your photographs may live on the internet now, don’t let them die that way! Your images deserve to be brought to life in tangible form for generations to come. 


Step No. 7


With industry-leading artisans and printhouses in my corner, your photographs will thrive for life in albums, on your walls, and in every frame you can get your hands on. Prints, canvases, albums, and more are available for investment from my menu of fine art heirlooms and tangibles. My reverence for print reflects in the carefully selected vendors I’ve partnered with to fulfil every order. Just as every image in your gallery is crafted by hand, my print house and bindery operate with a similar bespoke, process-driven approach. There is no better way to do right by your photographs than this!


Step No. 8

Here's how it works:

An Intentional Experience from Start to finish

"Bethany truly made our experience so fun and easy"

Erica + Austin

Document our wedding day

Whether you're looking for a film wedding photographer or someone to shoot a destination engagement session, every wedding collection is tailored to my clients. That way you receive everything you want and nothing you don't. Options include extended wedding hours, a second photographer and a selection of heirloom printed products.

All weddings include an engagement session and online gallery.

Wedding collections begin at $4200. 


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