3 Most Important Things on Your Wedding Day

January 25, 2024

As an Iowa wedding photographer, I’ve seen a whole variety of wedding days. No matter the style of the wedding, there are three most important things on your wedding day:


At weddings, it’s the people that matter! This is the one and only time you will ever have these exact people all together. Relationships and interactions with people are what you will remember long after the wedding day is done. This may be unpopular to say, but don’t skip your cocktail hour to hide and drink with your wedding party. You have hundreds of people who came to celebrate you! Enjoy this day with them, you’ll thank me later.


Let the day play out! The only thing that makes your wedding day different than any other wedding is you and your unique story. So, throw out the Pinterest inspiration and plan your favorite things. All you have to do then is let the day unfold as it may. Let it be unscripted. The best photographs come from moments that happen organically.


This seems like a no brainer, but please do not forget the reason you’re having a wedding in the first place! Your marriage is going to last a whole lot longer than a day. Don’t let the fun of planning a wedding celebration distract you. Marriage is hard, but so worth every challenge. Build yourself a strong foundation together. My best advice is to attend pre-marital counseling and work through the hard things before they become a wedge in your marriage.

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Wedding couple giving a speech to their wedding guests

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