3 Secrets to the Perfect Wedding Bridal Getting Ready Room

July 10, 2018

As an Iowa wedding photographer, I’ve seen my share of rooms brides have gotten ready in. I love to let the morning unfold naturally, but that doesn’t mean I won’t guide my couples into the best lighting or clear up some of the distracting clutter. The morning of your wedding will be a timeless memory. Where it happens deserves a little thought when considering the photo memories you’re creating.

Getting ready with your friends is one of the most fun parts of your wedding day. Whether you’re popping champagne or just enjoying the morning together; you want those early morning memories to be just as beautiful and timeless as your portraits. Good news, with a few tweaks almost any room can be transformed into the perfect bridal getting ready space. Pick a room with some good light (preferably a window) and clear clutter from the space — these two things can make all the difference.

Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the best room for getting ready on your wedding day!

Natural Light is Key

Cameras need light and natural light is king. All you need to get some natural light is a window. Whatever window is in your getting ready room is where we’ll take most of the photos during that time. I’ll actually turn off all the artificial lighting to minimize the color cast it creates. Artificial lighting creates an orange/yellow color that never looks quite right on your skin.

Get rid of the clutter!

The last thing you want to remember forever about your wedding is the clutter. You know the hairspray, duffle bags, bras, and leftover lunch? It just doesn’t look beautiful or timeless. Clear everything out of the space where we are photographing. You’ll be thankful for the extra clean space!

Clear the walls

Most hotels and other bridal getting ready rooms have wall decor already hung. Unless it’s something special to you, it doesn’t have to be there. I’ve been known to move a wall hanging or two if it’s not bolted in! If this is the case though, we always make sure to put things back where we found them!

bonus: Pick a room with a light/neutral wall color!

There you have it! Three little secrets that make for a beautiful getting ready room!

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