3 Secrets to Engagement Session Poses

Sunset Cedar Rapids Engagement SessionThink you have to know how to pose to get romantic engagement photos like this?

Think again!

One of the biggest questions I get from my couples before their engagement session is “How will we know what to do for poses?” I think a lot of couples see photos like this and think the couple in the photo knows what they’re doing…

Well, here’s the secret:

I talk you through it all!

I talk my couples through everything as we go! I never tell my couples “just be yourselves,” because who naturally gets in front of the camera and immediately knows what to do? Easy answer:  no one does!

Posing is more of a fluid movement from one “pose” to the next.

I’ll get you into a “base” pose and then we’ll change it up with small movements of your arms and where you’re looking to create variety! 🙌🏻 When in doubt at your session, hold the pose and wait for more instructions!

Every pose looks different with every couple!

You’re unique personality brings so much to the table here! Don’t feel like you have to look exactly like someone else! Relaxing and being yourself is what gets you photos you love!

My goal is always to help YOU shine in your photos! I’m after true joy and not posing perfection 😊


Comment and tell me what your biggest worry is for your next photo session!

Engagement Session Posing



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