A Semi-Minimalist View on Home & Life

February 11, 2019

Today I want to dive in a little bit to my love for simplicity and simple things. While I don’t consider myself a full-blown minimalist, I’d say I’ve become more of a “semi-minimalist.” Lately I’ve read some very critical reviews of Marie Kondo’s Netflix special Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I simply don’t agree with the negative reviews! Here’s a little on my journey:

A Born Collector of Stuff

As a kid, I collected and hoarded everything. Some of my favorite things to collect were clothes, model horses and papers. Oh, the papers. I saved so many things because “I might need them someday.” It was ridiculous! I openly share my obsession with the color purple, but I’ll be honest, I love collections of things in every color. It didn’t matter what it was!

I Desperately Needed an Organization Change

Until recently, I wouldn’t have defined myself as even having a style. I was trying to find happiness and worth in stuff, and I wasn’t finding it. After moving four times in our marriage and trying hopelessly to combine our things, I’d had enough. When I married into Joey’s family, I was astonished. They didn’t hold on to anything, unless it was useful, emotional or made them happy. Woah. 

I was fed up with stuff I didn’t use and didn’t even really like. I’d read about minimalism and tried going through my closet a couple times, but I always clung to the “what if.” What if I need this shirt for an outfit someday? In reality, I was never going to use the stuff I wasn’t already using. In 2018 I started reading a few books to help better my marriage and business. While I was scrolling through Amazon, I saw a recommendation that caught my eye: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I quickly added it to my cart.

The book was a fast read (relatively quick as a full-time mompreneuer!). My mind was left racing and was inspired to start right away. I went through most of the things in our home and got rid of whatever didn’t give me joy or I didn’t use. I’m still working through things, but it’s amazing how I haven’t missed anything I got rid of. A few months after reading Marie’s book, I picked up another book “Cozy Minimalist Home” by Myquillyn Smith. That book filled in the gap for me. I could live “minimally” and still have the inviting, cozy home I’ve always dreamed of.

As a minimalist, life is now more joyful

After reading these two books, I’m more appreciative of the things I do have. When I pull an outfit from my neatly folded drawer, that’s only filled with clothing items I love and know fit my simplistic style, I feel a surge of joy and contentment. My home is no longer cluttered with things I don’t fully love. While my decorating is far from where I want to eventually be, each item I allow in my home and on my walls has purpose.

Now, let me be clear, limiting stuff in my life is not my main source of joy. My salvation in Jesus is where the real joy enters into my life. But, by not worrying about buying more, more, more and finding contentment with what I have, I’ve left room in my life to thank God for what I do have. Without worry for things, my head is clear and my priorities are straight. My quiet devotional time with God every morning is set. In all I want more of God in my life, and less of stuff. If you ask me, that’s the perfect reason to dive right in to a minimalist lifestyle.


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