A Valentines Note to My Husband

February 14, 2020

To my forever valentine:
I love doing life with you. I might’ve fallen for your charming eyes and handsome good looks, but I’ve stayed for your strength. You always challenge me to be my best and you back me with infinite confidence. I love lifting each other up as we pursue our dreams together. When I want to hold on to my security blankets of petty things like money, you remind me of our goals and help me let it go. You give me the thumbs up on crazy ideas like tearing apart the bathroom to remodel by myself with your full trust that I’ll actually make it okay. You’re the best father. Our kiddos adore you and soak in every second they get with their daddy. When you’re not with us, you’re out serving and living your dream. I’m lucky to call myself your wife! Let’s keep learning together, adventuring together and kicking debt in the butt together 😉 I love you!! 😘

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