Ashton Hill Galena Wedding Venue

May 26, 2020

I finally got the chance to see one of Western Illinois’ (and Eastern Iowa!) newest and prettiest wedding venues: Ashton Hill in Galena, Illinois! I’ve enjoyed working with the entire Ashton Hill team at their Ashton Hill Farm location in Cedar Rapids. Even before seeing the plans for the Galena location, I knew it would be amazing!

Now that I’ve see the venue in person, I thought it might be fun to give you a little tour! Due to COVID-19, weddings haven’t officially started at Ashton Hill Galena (yet!). There are a few finishing touches (like landscaping) that weren’t completed when I visited, but you can already see just how dang gorgeous weddings at this venue are gonna be! I can’t wait for the weddings I have coming up at Ashton Hill Galena later this year!

The Exterior

To me, the biggest selling point for this brand spanking new venue is the exterior! Ashton Hill’s owner Megan, picked the absolute PERFECT location for this venue! The building is nestled into the Illinois countryside overlooking the restored prairie of Gateway Park. It’s floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the most breathtaking landscape view. Choose to have your ceremony outside (site not yet completed) and you get all of nature’s beauty as your backdrop!

Okay, can we just admire this view?! Oh my goodness, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The view your guests can appreciate while gazing through this full wall of windows!

I love all of the modern details! They are so minimalistic, allowing your style to shine through!

An added bonus to Ashton Hill’s Galena location is unlimited photo locations! Galena’s Gateway Park is just up the hill and offers gorgeous views for your portraits! Believe me, this view is photographer gold!


The Interior

White walls, modern accents and natural light galore! The inside of Ashton Hill Galena is so elegant, crisp and clean! Whatever style of wedding you have planned will look absolutely stunning in this space! There’s nothing to distract from your wedding day!

These giant light fixtures are so unique! I love that they are different from the bold light fixtures at Ashton Hill Cedar Rapids. They balance out those high white ceilings so well!

If you ask me, this wall with high windows would make the perfect spot for your head table! You have the perfect neutral backdrop with some natural light and minimal back lighting!

Again, such beautiful light fixtures! Even the bar area is light and outfitted with the perfect minimal lighting!

The main entrance features this cozy little fireplace area that you can’t help but want to curl up in!

The Bridal Suite

Okay, in my experience as a photographer, having a bridal suite at all can be rare. When it comes to getting ready spaces, Ashton Hill Galena’s bridal suite is the crème de la crème! There is SO much space for you, your girls, your mother’s, grandmother’s, EVERYBODY! The white walls and neutral decor are absolutely perfect for bridal getting ready photos! The room is complete with an en suite bathroom (it’s HUGE!) and a separate space with mirrors and chairs for your beauty team to set up! This is what wedding day getting ready dreams are made of!

The Guy’s Space

They didn’t forget the guys on this one! While the space wasn’t completely set up during my visit, it already looks amazing! I’ve seen guy getting-ready rooms before, but most don’t have a bathroom! This is the perfect place for all your guys to hang!

Ashton Hill Galena Wedding Venue

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