Backyard Family Photos in Muscatine, Iowa

August 11, 2023

At-home Muscatine family photo session

It is always an honor when I get asked to take photos. I’ve photographed the Miles a few times over the years and it has been so fun to watch their family grow in size and age! I’ve known all their kids as babies, so getting to talk to them and ask them about what they are learning is really special. When Ashley asked me if I’d come to Muscatine and take their family photos in their backyard, my answer was a resounding “yes!”

I believe this is how all family sessions should be. At home, doing something that the family loves doing together. The Miles like spending time in their backyard and have been working on growing a garden. We featured those things. There may not be perfect smiles in every photo, but I think it’s more real that way. In a few years they will look back and really remember this sweet season with young kids.

Family photos that last

When deciding what photos to send, I always ask myself, “would I cherish a photo like this of my family?” Only if the answer is “yes” do I send it along. Every single one of these is a treasure.

Interested in having me capture your family session? Send me a message to learn more!

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