Behind the Scenes 2018

December 27, 2018

The 2018 wedding photography season has come to a close force here at Bethany McNeill Photography. While I’m enjoying a little extra time at home with my kiddos, I miss this year already! It was SO much fun! I worked with the most amazing brides and grooms. During these last few days of 2018, I’m looking back through ALL my favorite images from the year. As I relive each wedding day, I’m happy for my couples all over again!

I don’t know about you, but I love behind the scenes photos! Especially seeing before and after images! There’s just something cool about an insider look on what goes on!

At every wedding, I had my amazing second photographers catch some behind the scenes of me at work. This is probably one of my most fun blog posts all year! Keep scrolling and you’ll get to see a little glimpse at the crazy things I do during wedding days!

Check out what I’ve been up to all year!

Behind the scenes

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is capturing gorgeous bride and groom portraits like this one of Kyle and Emily!

Behind the scenes on the left and the final image on the right! Aren’t these two the cutest?! There’s also a not so glamorous side of wedding photography. Like my super sweaty back in this photo from July! Bleh!On wedding days, I do lots of pointing and telling people exactly where they need to be! Very unlike my normal, quiet self.

And ALL the weird in-between expressions. Not really sure what I’m telling the bridal party in the photo on the left!

Explaining super romantic kisses looks super awkward!Not a hair out of place! I’ve been known to tszuj hair, straighten boutonnieres and fluff dresses all day long!
The scenery of every wedding day is so different! We’re always ready for whatever the environment looks like. If you’ve ever met me in person, you know height is not one of my strong suits. I often find myself on tip-toes to get the perfect angle!Sometimes I require the assistance of a stool (or 5-gallon bucket!) to get the perfect angle!

Details, details, details

I start every wedding day by photographing details. I love arranging all your pretty things in to timeless photos you’ll love forever. As my brides know, I’m pretty dedicated to getting the perfect vantage point for these shots — even if that means laying on the ground!

Balancing rings is not as easy as it looks!Here’s where that bucket came in handy!When the wind won’t cooperate, we just hide behind the dress! Haha, thanks Gigi! You’re the best!I’m super thankful for all my second shooters! They help me all day at weddings. I swear these ladies are models! No one tests lighting better than they do!

I’m a visual learner, so demonstrating poses is one of my favorite ways to explain them to my brides and grooms!

My past life as a cheerleader sure comes in handy when explaining how to cheer for the bride and groom!And sometimes I just look awkward, but hey, that’s okay!Waiting for the first look!My second shooters may be good lighting models. But, me? Not so much!Explaining the first look and how fun it’s going to be!

The main reason I do wedding photography: The Couples!

I love remembering to catch a photo with my brides and grooms!

Bye, bye baby weight!

I photographed my first wedding this season in April. Just ONE month after giving birth to Rowan! For me, it’s so cool to look back through the year and watch the baby weight fall off! Seeing progress makes this mama feel so good! Photo on the left is April. Photo on the right is September!

And Bloopers

The things that happen behind me to get a smile! I had no idea!

And then there’s the time I just about got knocked over during grand entrances! Did not see that one coming!


Thanks for sticking around to read this post! Behind the scenes are some of my favorite moments!


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