Ben & Carina | Ames Iowa State Engagement

October 13, 2017

Ben and Carina met back in 2014 at a friend’s bus party when Ben accidentally spilled a drink on a very surprised Carina. That night the two of them hit-it-off so well they started seeing each other more and more! (Funny how that works!) Ben asked her to be his girlfriend a few times, but she always turned him down. Until, one night as the pair waited for mass campaniling (kissing under the Campanile at midnight) during ISU’s homecoming week, she asked him to be her boyfriend! She said, “I couldn’t possibly kiss a guy I wasn’t dating!” Haha!

These two are such a sweet couple! Ben is incredibly passionate (especially about Carina!) and Carina is my type of down-to-earth girl with big dreams and a love for her man. I felt like we’ve been friends for the longest time. Our time together was filled with so much laughter and joy. It turns out Ben grew up just one town over from me and we happen to know a few of the same people. Small world!

This cute pair now lives in St. Louis where Ben works for Boeing and Carina is continuing her education in occupational therapy. While capturing a few detail shots of Carina’s ring, I ask where they’d gotten it. Ben explained how they had looked at rings together and he ended up secretly buying her ring the night she tried it on! After that he had to sneakily deny her requests for more ring shopping dates, leaving her feeling as though it was never going to happen! To Ben though, his mind was set on getting this amazing girl to say yes!

On a cold night in the city they went out for dinner and took a horse drawn carriage ride. The horses stopped at a park sparkling with Christmas lights. As they got out of the carriage, Ben got down on one knee and proposed. All of this happened while both of their families watching in the distance! Melt my heart!

All three of us had a certain nostalgia returning to our alma mater—Iowa State. Oddly enough, it didn’t even occur to us that there might be others utilizing the gorgeous campus. Oops, we were a little naïve! What started as a rainy day, ended up being one of the most gorgeous evenings for an engagement session!

Ben and Carina, I’m so thankful our paths crossed! You guys are SO fun to be around, I can’t wait to spend a whole day together on your wedding day!

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