Big Picture of a Lifetime

January 22, 2019

It’s January and this time of year everybody’s setting goals. Most of those goals, no matter how awesome, are for here and now. I know mine are! Usually I’m trying to figure out what I want to be better at or evaluate what I wasn’t happy with last year. Well, this year I’m trying something different. I’m looking more at the big picture. Where do I want my life to be in 55 years, when I’m 80?

Where do I want my life to be in 55 years, when I’m 80?


When I think of things with this new perspective, I know where I want to be! I want to be old and gray; holding wrinkled hands with Joey on our porch. Our grandkids are playing in the yard with our grown children. We have wonderful relationships with our family and community. Our legacy is one of strong marriage that poured into others. 


My vision is to keep Bethany McNeill Photography alive and thriving as long as it is the best thing for our family. I hope that, through wedding photography, I can positively influence and encourage couples right from the start of their marriages. By sharing my life openly, I hope to be an encouragement to all dating and engaged couples striving for marriage. Whether that be sharing our struggles or our triumphs. All of it.


Lately I’ve been really drawn to simplicity in life. I’ve found that I have more than enough stuff. And I don’t need more. When I look at my future, do I really want my life to be bogged down with staying up on the newest style, or do I just want to be happy in the clothes I’m in? When I’m old, I still want to be healthy and active. So, right now, I have the chance to set a lifestyle where I exercise and I eat well and I fuel my body with good things. I want to be completely focused on what matters in life — relationships with people and God.

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