Bluebird Hill Des Moines Wedding | Alyssa & Parker

December 5, 2022

Alyssa and Parker planned their day in Alyssa’s hometown at the newly built Bluebird Hill, nestled in the countryside west of Des Moines. Family was the essential key of their day. From start to finish, their daughter was right by their side. She insisted on helping Alyssa get into her dress and wanted to be right there with her parents during their ceremony.

Despite the heat of high Iowa summer, everyone enjoyed a moment outside soaking in the gorgeous view. We snuck out the back to catch a bit of that view. Alyssa and Parker just rested on each other. There is an ease that comes after the ceremony on wedding days. The pressure is over and the time together feels extra special. I think that’s what makes these days special — soaking in moments with special people.

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