Bold Color Urban Senior Session

July 16, 2018

June was a slower month around here. With a packed fall schedule, I welcomed that little break! Now, July is bringing along all kinds of fun like this sweet senior! It’s not often I get to capture the joys of high school seniors, but when I do, my heart does a little extra happy dance! Today’s session is full of new locations, bold colors and laughter galore. Get ready to be amazed by one heck of a beautiful senior!

Gracie is a genuine beauty. The second she walked up at her session, I noticed her perfect strawberry blonde hair. If hair envy is a thing, I’m pretty sure I have it! Not only is she a natural beauty, but this girl has some serious style. Her stunning bright red jumpsuit and bold color heels absolutely popped! I couldn’t help but smile behind my camera. I only wish I’d been as cool as her in high school!

This fall Gracie’s starting off her senior year with a challenge. She’s going to run cross country! As a self-proclaimed “non-sport” person, this is a huge shift for her! When I asked if she’d run before, laughter escaped her lips. She explained how she’s hardly run (and definitely not competitively) since middle school track. I similarly swapped cheerleading for cross country my senior year with no long distance running experience. I have zero regrets (except maybe not running more!). So I know, after a challenge like this, Gracie is capable of anything!

Gracie, you’re sweet and kind. Those two qualities will take you so far in life! I’m so thrilled for your senior year! Enjoy every second of it while it’s here. The year goes fast, but the memories last a lifetime. You’re going to do amazing things, sweet girl!

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