Burlington Wine and Navy Fall Wedding

September 14, 2018

Happy Friday, friend! If you’ve been following along with my blog, don’t worry—you’re not seeing double! Last weekend was a double-wedding weekend for me! I’m incredibly grateful for cooler temps over the last week. Fall is my favorite season, but it usually doesn’t come around until later in September. The beginning of September here in Iowa is typically still stinkin’ hot! Cooler temps were perfect though because both weddings featured fall colors and a favorite of mine—navy suits paired with burgundy/wine tones! With all the pretty colors, I was almost convinced that fall is actually here!

Saturday was perfect for Joe and Hayley’s wedding day in Burlington, Iowa. What a difference it was from the heat of last September when I photographed Hayley’s brother’s wedding at the same church! It’s been so fun to work with siblings on their weddings. Even though there were many similarities (like the same church!), both weddings had so many special moments unique to each couple. Hayley and Joe did a first look with their daughter, Peyton. Joe and Peyton’s reaction when seeing Hayley was priceless. As they turned and saw her, both gasped. Tears filled Joe’s eyes as he embraced his bride. Little Peyton was in awe of her beautiful mama!

This family melts my heart. Before their ceremony Hayley and Joe’s families both gathered around the couple, placing hands on them. They covered them in prayer and support. Their pastor read letters and advice from Joe and Hayley’s parents. The resounding theme among the advice? Make each other a priority, live within your means and work together. That is some of the most sound marital advice I’ve ever heard! You can tell just from their words, that Joe and Hayley’s marriage is of the utmost importance to all in their family. Their families want to see them thrive in marriage. I have no doubt—they will!

Joe and Hayley, I am so happy for you guys! Your ceremony was so beautiful. I see how much your friends and family love you and how much you love them. When I see you both with Peyton, I can’t help but smile. How precious your love is! You have so many beautiful years ahead, I’m so blessed to be your photographer as you begin this beautiful journey called marriage!

Creative Team

Venue & Caterer: Catfish Bend • Cake: Mark Scott • Hair Stylist: Krista Samberg • DJ: Coconuts Karaoke • Bride & Bridesmaid Dresses: Sarah’s Bridal • Men’s Attire: Melissa’s • Second Photographer: Tiffany Layne Photography

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