What is a Candid Photo?

March 25, 2024

There’s been a lot of buzz around the word “candid” when it comes to photography. I have lots of couples who tell me they want candid photos on their wedding day, so I think it’s important to figure out what that means together. Here’s a definition of candid photos from Tracy Jade Photography that I think sums it up really well:

“A candid photo is an unbiased record of a moment in time, created through observation.”

This definition makes it clear that candid photos do not come from poses or prompts. These two tools add influence from external source that is creating a “moment.”

What I find much more interesting and abundantly present on wedding days is the opportunity for true candid photos. Each wedding is an event with it’s own story. I view my job as a wedding photographer to be the documentarian at these events. I invite you to fully embrace your day. I play the role of quiet observer who captures moments as they naturally unfold.

So, as you search for a photographer, if true candids are what you are after, not the prompted “candids” that become so popular on social media — take a deeper look into how the photographers you are interested in approach the photos of the day.

If you’re getting married in Iowa (or elsewhere) and resonate with my work, please reach out! I love capturing true weddings that aren’t afraid of embracing all of the emotions of the day, not just the lighthearted joy. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Candid photo from a garden wedding in Ames, Iowa

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