Cedar Rapids Indian Creek Nature Center Engagement Session

September 24, 2018

This month has been filled to the brim with weddings. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE what I do. I mean, I wouldn’t be a wedding photographer if I didn’t love it, right?! But I’ll tell you this; an engagement session is exactly the pick-me-up I needed right in the middle of this busy season! When Laura and Shane requested that their engagement session be in September, I hesitated. I knew I only had one wedding-free weekend this month. Wearing myself too thin wouldn’t do anyone good. We scheduled their session anyway and I’m so glad we did. Getting to know these two a little bit better was so refreshing!

It’s almost fall here. I can feel it! Iowa has this really funny way (okay, not so funny) of tricking us all into thinking fall is here. The temps fall and the air feels crisp and fresh. Then, BAM! We get one of those super-sticky humid 90-degree days. Laura and Shane’s Indian Creek Nature Center engagement session happened to fall on one of those days. Being from the heart of Iowa though, it didn’t phase these two one single bit. They just kept on looking incredible. Laura said she was really hoping the outfits she picked would look good. But, dang. She didn’t give herself enough credit! They looked simply stunning!!

Not only did they look incredible, but guess what? We caught the golden hour! That’s when the sun bathes everything in gorgeous, glowing light, just before it sets. I haven’t gotten to capture that golden light during a session for a while now. So, I’m especially grateful that despite the crazy busyness and sudden heat, I got to spend this beautiful evening with Laura and Shane!

Seriously, these two are the sweetest. I’m so excited for their wedding next fall. Laura describing her vision and all the meaningful locations they plan to use — like the country church down the road from her parent’s house — has me ready to photograph their day NOW!

Laura and Shane, thank you for traveling here and trusting me with your session! You made that sunset even more gorgeous. I’m counting down the days until your wedding — less than a year now! In the meantime, I hope you love these images. I know I sure do!

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