Danielle & Kenny | Engaged

January 2, 2020

I’m in love with how romantic Danielle and Kenny’s engagement session was at Morgan Creek Park in Cedar Rapids! I’ve been looking forward to these photos even before I knew I’d be the one taking them! You see, Danielle is Joey’s (my hubby) cousin. I’ve been anticipating seeing their engagement photos ever since they got engaged last December. Now as their wedding photographer, I get to share them with you!!

Every year for Christmas, Danielle and Kenny love to have one night to celebrate — just them. I think that’s such a smart idea and a great way to start off their marriage! Last December Kenny told Danielle to dress up fancy because they were going on a nice date, to a nice restaurant. Fancy dinner is a little unusual for both of them, so after a somewhat awkward dinner, they went for a walk to look at Christmas lights. Afterward, they went home to exchange gifts. During that quiet night at home, after their gifts had been exchanged, Kenny asked Danielle if she would marry him! After her resounding “yes!,” Kenny pulled out the most gorgeous custom designed ring!

I always love to ask guys how they picked the ring, because the story is always so sweet! Kenny paid close attention to Danielle’s Pinterest and used some of her ring inspiration to have her ring custom made! I absolutely love that! She’ll treasure that ring for the rest of her life!

Their session had a slight twist.

While Danielle and I were planning their engagement session over Thanksgiving, Danielle suggested we make a night of it. I couldn’t wait for a chance to get to know them better! Our plan had a slight twist: I took Evelyn and Rowan (my 3 and 1 year old) with me, which is something I’ve never done (and won’t ever do again!). We went back to their house after for a homemade meal and a glass of wine while the kids watched Disney+. You’d never even guess from the photos that during these super gorgeous moments, there were kids demanding a snack and periodically running up to give Danielle hugs!

Danielle and Kenny, thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer! Also, thanks for letting the kids tag along with us, even though it made things challenging! They had such a good time!! I’ll probably never do that again, but it was so fun to watch them enjoy you! Evelyn kept telling me how pretty you were and how much she loved hanging together! We should totally do that more! I’m so excited to be the one that gets to capture your wedding day! I absolutely can’t wait for next December — it’s going to be amazing!

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