Christmas Tree Farm Winter Engagement

December 7, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! As the weather gets colder and the days get darker, I find myself cooped up inside. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Iowa has the craziest weather ever. One day we’re under blizzard-condition snow, and the next its raining!! All the rain washed the thick snow away. What had been a winter wonderland days before was now a land of mush and mud (bleh!). Thankfully I have the best job ever and get to photograph the cutest in-love couples! Skylar and Kelsey are definitely one of those adorable couples! Their tree farm engagement session was just what I needed to lift my sprits!

A few months ago, Kelsey arrived home to a note from Skylar. It said to dress up and gave her a location to go to. Kelsey, thinking this had to be a joke, put on some every-day clothes and headed out. When she arrived at the first stop, she was then again sent on to another location. Each stop along this scavenger hunt was a place of meaning to Kelsey and Skylar. They even had ice cream ready for her at one!! Finally she reached her last destination. There was Skylar — along with all their friends and family! He took a knee and asked her to marry him. I’m pretty sure their story is the most thought-out and elaborate proposal ever! When Kelsey realized what was going on, she regretted her clothing decision. But, they’ll always remember that detail and have the memory to smile at when they’re married!

I simply can’t help but smile with these two.

Kelsey and Skylar are just as sweet as their proposal story! I simply can’t help but smile with them. Even on a cloudy day they brightened up the Christmas tree farm and made it the coziest place on the planet! Plus, they’re camera naturals! You’d think they modeled all-day, every-day. They made my job SO easy! Their chemistry together is unbeatable. The way Skylar looks at Kelsey with a beaming smile on his face is exactly the way every girl dreams their future husband will look at them! I cannot imagine a more perfect pair!

Skylar and Kelsey, you guys are so fun! Thank you for being flexible with this crazy weather we’ve had. You trusted me wholeheartedly when I suggested trudging through muddy grass on a cloudy day. I’m thrilled I get to save your memories forever as your wedding photographer! May can’t come soon enough. 🙂

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    So good, great work!

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