Cozy Home Session for Erin + Matt

June 10, 2021

While most of my session work is outside, I got to do something a little different this week. Just before listing their first home for sale, we set up a cozy home session for Erin and Matt. Erin asked if I would capture them in the space that has meant so much to them. Joey, my husband, and I first met Matt and Erin when we were in the same small group for our church. Sadly, we moved away for Joey’s job right after these two bought their very first home, this home. It’s been so fun to visit and see the way they’ve transformed the house, making it a home perfectly suited to their needs.

Capturing these images of them in their home was really fun! We purely focused on the coziness they feel when they’re home together. Now I think that everyone should have some photos of themselves before they move; enjoying the home they worked so hard to create.

Erin and Matt, this was such a joy! I’m glad we documented you in this home, even if it felt a bit silly at the time. I’m thrilled for you as you step into a new chapter in your life and marriage. I can’t wait to see your new place on our next visit!

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