Downtown Marion Engagement

May 29, 2018

It was high school math, how exciting could that be? Well, for Emily, it turned out to be pretty darn amazing. The day a super cute, shy freshman boy sat next to her, everything changed. She was outgoing, he was shy. She made it  her personal mission to force Kyle out of his shell. In the process, the two of them became friends. Not long after, an official relationship began to blossom.

Flash forward to now, 8 years later. They are engaged! It all went down just before Emily’s birthday. Kyle just knew she was the one. So, without her knowing, he began ring shopping. Once he found the perfect ring for his girl (which I’m totally in love with!), he waited for opportunity to present itself.

He asked what she had planned for her birthday. Maybe this would be the perfect timing? Emily already had plans to travel to New Orleans with some friends to see a show. Bummer. But through her plans, opportunity arose. One of the friends couldn’t make it. Kyle secretly took the friend’s spot on the trip. With a ticket to the show in-hand and a proposal on his mind, he began to formulate a plan.

The day of the trip arrived. Emily was surprised when a limo picked them up, but quickly brushed it off. We’re out to have a good time! Her real surprise came when they stopped at Jackson Square, New Orleans. As she opened the door, there was Kyle! With ring in hand, he proposed to her right in the square!

Between going to separate colleges and Kyle starting his job in Texas while Emily finished up grad school in Louisiana, they’ve had to spend quite a bit of time apart throughout their relationship. Regardless of the distance, these two are closer and cuter than ever!

Kyle and Emily, you guys are so sweet! I loved meeting you and capturing your love during your short visit to Iowa! I can’t wait to see you again this fall for your wedding!

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