Dreamy Iowa Sunset Engagement Session

November 7, 2019

One of my favorite parts about my job is sharing my couples’ sweet love stories! Before I start showing you all of Ariana and Brandon’s dreamy Iowa sunset engagement session, I first have to tell you a little bit about their sweet story!

They met during a high school leadership camp in Ariana’s hometown. Nothing was serious at first. They hung out a bit and just talked. “I was still so excited we talked even a little bit!” confessed Ariana. Weeks passed and they texted more and more. On the 4th of July Brandon came to hang out with Ariana and her friends. They walked to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and then watched the fireworks. After his baseball game the next day, standing in his parent’s kitchen, he asked Ariana to be his girlfriend. That was six years ago now!

Through those six years, they’ve been through college and lot’s of time apart as they’ve started careers. Brandon’s job takes him away for half the year. He made up for it big time though when Ariana went to visit him while he was working in New York! They climbed a long mountain trail together. At the top, Ariana was busy checking out the view. Meanwhile, Brandon was fetching the most perfect ring from his backpack. Moments later, Brandon dropped to a knee and asked Ariana to be his wife! Ariana was so filled with joy, she could barely make it back down the trail! Just hearing a fraction of their story, you already know how sweet these two are!

We hit the golden hour jackpot for their engagement session! Even though the days are getting pretty chilly around here, we were blessed with one more good one! The glowing light made these two cuties look oh so cozy. Ariana and Brandon are such good sports. I’m probably the worst trail guide there is, but they so willingly followed me through shoulder high grass (well, for me and Ariana it was shoulder high, Brandon, not so much!) and even thorns to get to the perfectly lit spots. I’m glad they didn’t mind too much that I’m a horrible hiker, because the light we found was totally worth it! Just keep on scrolling to see what I mean! 🙂

Ariana and Brandon, you guys are awesome! Thanks for driving so far to meet me for photos! They’re beautiful, but nothing compared to the love you share! I’m so, so honored to be your wedding photographer! I’m crossing my fingers that next October blesses us with another gorgeous day like this!!

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