Evelyn • Year Two

September 13, 2018

Oh sweet girl,

Two years ago, you made me a mama. These two years have been the hardest, most rewarding years of my life. I look at your sweet face and still can hardly believe I grew you in my body. God is amazing. He gave you your very own looks and personality (though I’m convinced He made you much more like daddy!).

You’re funny and so, so smart. I don’t know a word you can’t repeat. Your brain works in magnificent ways. You remember and notice things beyond your years. You even remind mommy of things when she forgets. You can work an iPhone better than some adults. I still haven’t figured out how you learned all the finger tricks—haha!

I know sometimes things are rough. You don’t understand everything yet! Potty training isn’t easy, but you’ve done so well. This year we brought your brother home. Oh my, what a shock that was to you! You still don’t like sharing mommy and daddy (especially daddy), but I know you love little Rowan.

You’ve found a love for Christian rap music and we always pray for the geese we saw at the river. You don’t like seeing others hurt or upset, you are truly kind. Goofy should be your middle name. You love to make us laugh. Especially when you dance and say silly things.

I’ve loved every stage with you. As much as I want to watch you grow, I want you to stay this little forever. I’m truly blessed to be your mom.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!



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