Iowa City Fossil Gorge Engagement Session

August 8, 2018

I don’t think I say it enough, but I truly have the best brides and grooms! This session is definitely one of my favorite engagement sessions to date! The Devonian Fossil Gorge just outside of Iowa City was the perfect location to capture Eric and Taryn’s beautiful engagement session. The scenery was beautiful and these cuties shone so brightly! I wasn’t feeling the best the day of their session. The kids both had colds. So naturally, I did too. It was the worst possible time to not feel the best. You see, Taryn and Eric were traveling to Iowa all the way from Kansas. After video chatting and emailing back and forth with them, I couldn’t wait to see their shining faces. Thankfully, as the day went on, I started to feel better. Sick or not, there’s no way I was going to miss their session!

The second they stepped out of the car, I fell in love with them. First I saw their outfits. I’m such a sucker for everything in purple, so the amazing color palette Taryn picked out just about made me drop my jaw! Then we hugged and started talking and I quickly found out these two have the most delightful personalities! I can’t wait to spend a whole day with them for their wedding!

While they may have traveled all the way from Kansas, Taryn and Eric are actually both from Iowa! The crazy thing is though, they never even knew the other existed until they were already living in Kansas! Their story is so amazing. They have the tale all of their grandkids will want to hear over and over again someday!

It just so happened that a friend Taryn made in Kansas was also from Iowa. She was set on helping Taryn find a man. Meanwhile, she was also playing matchmaker for a childhood friend who was now living in Kansas. His name was Eric.

Their friend thought long and hard. And then, aha! She just knew these two needed to meet, so she not-so-subtly told Eric he needed to contact Taryn. And contact her he did!

“I knew she was the one right away.” Eric told me. A smile beaming on his face.

Seriously, what are the chances of meeting someone from your home-state and knowing they are the one right away?? So incredibly perfect. I love this crazy, small word we live in!

Taryn and Eric, thank you for coming so far to spend the evening with me! Your smiles are contagious. I’m blown away by the love and commitment you have for one another. You guys truly make me the happiest photographer on the planet! I can’t wait to join you again to celebrate the start of your marriage. It’s going to be so beautiful—just like you guys!

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