Jazmin and Beau’s Elopement Portraits

January 4, 2022

Earlier last year, I had the honor of photographing Jazmin and Beau’s engagement session. After their session, I was so pleased when Jazmin asked me if I would take some portraits of them all dressed up after they were officially married. Of course I agreed! Jazmin and Beau had their special day, their way. Rather than fuss with a big traditional wedding, they opted for a private elopement. After they made everything official, we captured them in their fresh just-married grandeur. I took advantage of our pliable time — a luxury most wedding days can’t accommodate — and shot a few rolls of film. I absolutely love the way a tangible medium like film makes their photos feel less like a piece of digital material and more like art — truly beautiful!

Jazmin and Beau, I’m so happy for you two! It means the world to me that you not only trust me to be your engagement photographer, but you also placed this special day in my hands. As I edited through the photos, I was reminded of how fun this time together was! I wish you the most wonderful years ahead!

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