Lavender and Blue Bella Sala Wedding

September 5, 2018

This week’s weather predictions had us nervous. Thunderstorms in the forecast every. single. day. Yikes! BUT, the morning of Brett and Steph’s wedding the sun shone bright. Not a drop of rain touched the ground until just after the start of their marriage ceremony. I was dancing on the inside. Why? Because I’ve been looking forward to this day all year. I met with these two over coffee and instantly fell in love with who they are as people. Both Brett and Steph are kind and funny (my favorite personality combination!). Their Bella Sala wedding in Tiffin, Iowa was no different. It was perfect.

Steph and I instantly connected over graphic design (we’re both Iowa State University graphic alumna!). Brett is laid-back and easy to get along with. Sunday was his wedding day, yet he still made sure to ask me how my family was. You don’t come across kindness like that every day!  When I think of Brett and Steph, I see the definition of joy. Their enthusiasm is unparalleled. In her own words, Steph said they planned to walk out of their ceremony “happy as clams.” And they did. Bright smiles lit their faces as they walked triumphantly down the aisle. Married and happy as can be.

After spending a whole day with them, I think I found Steph and I have a lot more in common than I even knew before! We apparently share a love for simple, muted color palettes! Seriously, ALL the colors she picked for her bridesmaids are my absolute favorite. Lavender, grey and dusty blue—a match made in heaven! Pair those gorgeous colors with stunning green and white bouquets and I’m in LOVE! Narrowing the images for this post was SO hard. I mean, how was I supposed to pick favorites when all the images turned out this amazing?! Be prepared for lots and lots of images below!

Brett and Steph, when we met in the coffee shop that day, I not only gained an amazing couple, but two new amazing friends! Your empathy and care for others is so refreshing. Whether it was worrying about me at 8-months pregnant walking through the snow for your engagement session or your friends and family on your wedding day. You’re always looking out for others. As you grow in your marriage, things will change (and they should!). But I pray you never, ever change the way you express your love!

Creative Team

Venue: Bella Sala Event Center • Florist: Melanie Hayes • Stationery: Steph Lilienthal (Bride) • Caterer: Phat Daddy’s • Cake: Elaine Mundt • Makeup Artist: 100% Pure Pro • Hair Stylist: Cassie Vandewalle • DJ: Master Entertainment • Bride’s Dress: XOXO Bridal • Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus • Men’s Attire: XOXO Bridal

  1. Melanie Hayes says:

    These photographs are absolutely beautiful and you did an amazing job capturing their special day! I am their florist from the wedding and you did amazing with the all white bouquets.

    Melanie Hayes
    facebook @ Melanie’ Flowers by Design

    facebook @ Melanie Flowers

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