Muscatine Spring Burgundy & Navy Couples Session

April 18, 2019

I love being a wedding photographer and capturing couples in love. It’s seriously so much fun, I can’t believe it’s my JOB! What makes being a photographer  even more exciting is when I get to make memories of special life seasons for sweet friends. This Muscatine spring couples session with Lakin and Nick was just that!

Lakin is one of my dearest friends. She was even a BRIDESMAID in my wedding! We first met as complete strangers on a church mission trip to Costa Rica. The first evening of the trip we were assigned host families to stay with. Lakin and I got paired together! “What will we even talk about all evening?” I wondered. Boy, was I wrong! She was the only person with me at night during the trip that spoke more than a few words of English. I think that might be what helped us bond so quickly! We started talking about relationships, which turned into quite the late night talks! At the time, Joey and I were engaged, so it was nice to have a new girl friend to talk about the challenges of engagement with!

I’ve enjoyed watching Lakin grow through life ever since. From college to moving home again and working crazy hours; I’ve watched her preserve through some of life’s hardest challenges. Now that she’s found Nick, I’ve never seen her happier.

This session was the first time I got to meet Nick and his little boy Kyler in person. I can see why Lakin loves them both so much! Nick has a personality that perfectly compliments hers. They’re incredibly fun together!

Lakin and Nick, I’m so glad you found each other! I pray God would forever  strengthen your relationship and keep your eyes fixed on him! Thank you for being so fun to work with! Your laughter was beyond infectious!

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