My Own Maternity Session

February 8, 2018

Each little kick (some not so little) and wiggle fills my heart with more nerves and joy than I know how to describe. I’ve been feeling a bit unprepared this pregnancy. Reality is starting to hit me though: our baby boy’s arrival is just around the corner! In just a few short weeks I will no longer be a momma of just one, but two kiddos!

I’m starting to get a little nervous about being a momma to both a toddler and a newborn! I’ve absolutely loved the one-on-one time I get with Evelyn. I get a front row seat to watching her grow and learn. I worry I’ll miss a lot of that devotion and special time with her when I have a new little one to take care of.

Another worry of mine is tough first weeks with a newborn. It wasn’t too long ago that I last dealt with those newborn weeks. I remember the long, sleepless nights with Evelyn after we first brought her home. She grew out of that crazy sleep pattern quickly thanks to the help of Babywise. How thankful I’ve been for having a little one who sleeps so well during this season of pregnancy! I’ve been able to do tons of prep in life and business to get ready for our newest addition!

I’m not all worry though. Our son is a blessing from God! I can’t wait to meet this new life that’s been growing inside me and watch him grow into his own unique personality. What better way for a photographer to celebrate this special season than taking a few maternity pictures? My sister-in-love, Kaelee, so graciously let me borrow one of her gorgeous Wren & Ivory maternity dresses. Nothing, I repeat nothing, has made me feel as adorable this pregnancy than putting on that dress. I’m so in love! On top of letting me borrow her dress, Kaelee also snapped these shots for me! I’ll make her into a photographer yet!

Oh little man, you are so loved already. Your daddy and I can’t wait to meet you! Even though I think Evelyn will be jealous of you for a while, I know she will grow to love you just as much as we do. You are loved and cherished and always will be. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet head!


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