My Very Own DIY Bathroom Remodel

June 19, 2019

For most of my life, I’ve been pretty crafty. Probably much to my parent’s dismay, I collected every type of crafting thing I could get my hands on. From paints to yarn to paper projects, you name it, I probably tried it. Now that Joey and I’ve owned our own home — a solid 1930’s home in need of many updates — it’s opened me up to a whole new level of DIY. I’ve painted a few things here and there (white, of course!). But this was the biggest project I’ve taken on yet: my very own DIY bathroom remodel!

What started as a carpeted (ew!) 70’s bathroom is now one of my favorite, bright, clean spaces in our home! And I’m so proud to say I did most of the work myself (with a little help from my wonderful hubby, father and father-in-law). We did move the toilet, which is a project I definitely left up to the professional knowledge of plumbers!

EVERYTHING in our bathroom was yellow (I mean everything!). Carpet graced the floors (come on, carpet in a bathroom?). And the space just didn’t flow like I wanted out of our bathroom. With the toilet directly in front of the shower and right next to the door (awkward!), giving our kiddos a bath was difficult to say the least. We had a huge amount of closet space we didn’t even need that I knew was destined for better things!

So, on to the remodel!


First of all, I think every good project starts with a little inspiration! These were my inspiration images from Pinterest! (I’m just realizing now that I actually picked the exact tile as the photo on the right!)


I’ve despised this bathroom since the day we moved in. Immediately I knew it was a room I was going to update whenever we got the chance! My biggest issue? The carpet! Ugh!


I started with the vanity. It seemed like the cheapest, easiest option that I could attain by myself! Some fresh paint and new hardware does wonders! Saying bye bye to that glittery shell sink was the best feeling ever!

Next, that closet wall had to come down! One of the bigger reasons for this remodel was to redefine the bathroom space. It yearned to be open and free-flowing! All the demo on this portion was my doing. I learned from this that I don’t really like power tools… After one attempt with a reciprocating saw and I reverted back to a handy sledgehammer!

And now flooring. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to tackle this part, but after a little research, it didn’t sound too hard! Laying cement board and mosaic tile was actually wayyy easier than I thought it’d be!

Since we were moving the toilet, I couldn’t tile the entire floor until the remainder of the demo was finished.

And the ugly tub (as Evelyn so fondly referred to it) came out!! The tub demo was a team effort for sure. Thanks to my awesome hubby and dad!!

With the new tub installed, I was finally able to finish the flooring!


I love being in our bathroom now! It’s bright and clean — just the way I like it! I chose a palette of neutral colors with rough wood  and dark metal accents. After reading Joanna Gaines’ book Homebody, I’d say my style is “rustic modern.” I’m super excited about my new plant addition! I love the way plants liven up a home, so I’m trying my hand at raising them instead of killing them! (ha!)

Before/After Comparisons

If you’re like me, you love a good before and after side-by-side! Here’s some of my favorite comparisons!

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