Our 6th Anniversary

May 24, 2020

Today we’re celebrating our 6th anniversary!! This anniversary is not happening quite as we’d planned. Our plans had us out-of-state for a wedding and then a few extra days away, relaxing together. Instead today is a more casual day. And you know what? I’m okay with that!

Since our plans now have us at home, we finally updated our family photos this week! The kids have changed so much from the 8 month old baby and tiny two year old they were in our last photos! I’ve been dreaming of updated photos of me and Joey and all four of us together to fill the walls of our house! There’s something just so fun about capturing current moments and reflecting on previous years!

At our session, it was so fun watching Evelyn and Rowan enjoy the photos and get excited with us! They were too young at our last photo session to really understand what was happening and be more active participants. My favorite part (well, one of many!) was watching the photos of Joey with the kids. He hugged and tickled our children with the biggest smile. Seeing Joey be a dad is the best feeling!


You mean more and more to me each day we’re together.

I cannot explain the joy that wells up within me when I remember that we get to spend the rest of our time on this Earth doing life together. We get to raise our beautiful babies and pursue our dreams together. You are not the man I married. The man you are today is better. You’ve grown so much since this day 6 years ago. We both have, really. We don’t know what the future holds, but I’m so grateful we get to do it together. I thank God every day for choosing to put you in my life. Nothing has taught me more about God’s sacrificial and unconditional love than marriage. Being married hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it.

I love you so much, babe! Happy 6 years and to many, many more! 🙂

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