Our Christmas 2019

January 13, 2020

Happy Monday, Friend! Today I’m sharing a little peek at our Christmas with you! I know, I know, we’re halfway through January and I’m talking about Christmas! Yikes! Holidays make things a little crazy, but late is better than never! In 2020 I plan to share more of our life, so I’m starting out with what we did to celebrate Christmas!

2019 kinda felt like it was our first Christmas. Joey and I’ve been celebrating Christmas together since 2012, but this was the first year we did something of our very own! We went on a date to the mall to pick a few things for each of the kids. It was so much fun! Joey would’ve bought them so much more (he loves giving gifts!). We kept gifting minimal though for both financial reasons as well as for Evelyn and Rowan’s hearts. We truly want them to be grateful for everything they have in life. I believe gifts have more meaning when they’re thought out. By gifting them each a few things, it allows for each gift to hold a more special place.

Growing up, my family always slept in front of the Christmas tree. We’d pull out the sleeping bags and camp on the living room floor. That tradition is still one of my favorites! We decided to keep the tradition with our own kids. On Christmas Eve, the four of us got nice and comfy down in our own living room. We watched a movie as the kids fell asleep. Rowan didn’t make it the whole night, but he at least got to experience our first Christmas tradition!

We woke early on Christmas morning. I popped cinnamon rolls in the oven and got some coffee brewing. Once we were all awake and ready, it was time to open presents! Joey and I had been anticipating the kids’ faces as they opened their gifts. Watching them truly did not disappoint! The joy that spread across their faces was truly the most special gift I could’ve asked for this Christmas! 🙂

Okay, now on to a little peek through pictures! Some of these are from my phone. The quality isn’t the best, but the memories are priceless!

I always try to get a photo when the four of us get to be together somewhere!

Did I marry him for his charming good looks OR for how great of a dad I knew he’d be?

We had a few evenings before Christmas together, so we all got to watch a movie together! I made apple pie, which is my signature holiday dessert!

They each got to open a gift on Christmas Eve! Our little Evelyn Elsa was SO excited to open an Ana doll to match her Elsa doll!

Rowan got a few new books! He was a little less thrilled than Evelyn…

Christmas morning! I love watching these three!

The slinky dog of her dreams!

And a Woody doll for Rowan!

Cinnamon rolls were the perfect icing (haha!) on the morning!

Our Christmas was 50º and sunny! I sat outside and caught up on my Bible reading (I was a few days behind clearly!) while the kids napped!

Rowan’s favorite gift of all?! Pots and pans! This kid had better be a chef someday 🙂

Evelyn enjoyed sleeping in the living room so much, she convinced me to do it again! We had a fun girl’s night watching my favorite Christmas movie: The Santa Clause!!

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