Our Master Bedroom Refresh

January 27, 2021

Hey there! This is something new I don’t share often about. I LOVE a good project! Especially if it comes with a dramatic before/after photo. While this project wasn’t overly dramatic, a few small changes during our master bedroom refresh turned our room from a cave I didn’t enjoy, to a room I never want to leave!

You might know that we just moved from our home town to the beautiful little city of Waverly. Before we moved, I told Joey there were absolutely no projects I was going to start right away. Well, I said that after only having seen our new home for 10 minutes. Once we moved in, I started realizing there are actually quite a few things I would like to change a bit! The first priority being our room. I love bright rooms with a little contrast and lots of texture. Our room was a mix of dark window treatments, brown walls and mix-matched trim colors.

Our Bed

What really kicked off the refresh was our bed. Joey and I have had the same bed our whole marriage and prior to that Joey used it since high school. Up until this point we’ve been more concerned about paying off debt than upgrading things in our home. Well, this bed needed a change! We were waking up sore from sleep and didn’t feel well rested. I’ve heard great things about the Purple mattress, so we decided to try it! Oh my, it is fantastic! I feel like I sleep so well! It’s firmer than memory foam, but contours just where you need it.

Paint & Windows Treatment

This was just a refresh and not a complete change to our room. My main focus was making it brighter and more functional. I removed all the brown/tan window treatments and hung new white blinds, matte black curtain rod and white curtains. The room feels so much brighter with more light coming in/reflecting! The most impactful (and cheapest!) upgrade to our room was paint! I had leftover paint from our kitchen at our last house, so I used that! It’s called Fog if that is the sort of thing that interests you 😉

The previous homeowners started painting all of the deep brown trim white at some point. Our room had the closet, baseboard and window trim painted, but the door was still that dark brown. I took the door off so I could paint it and the frame without the hardware in the way. While the hardware was off, I also painted that! The worn brass was looking dingy, so I painted it with Rust-Oleum Oiled Bronze.

note: these are different doors. I forgot to take a before photo!

TV Cords

We’ve never had a mounted TV. It’s always something you hear to never have in the bedroom (for good reason!), but our schedule is not typical. We often watch something on Joey’s nights off and I end up falling asleep on the couch. We decided it was better I fell asleep in bed! We didn’t want to pay an electrician to come out just to wire a plug-in behind the TV. I searched for solutions online and found a TV cord hiding kit at Lowe’s and installed that. It works like a charm, although I did drop the hole-saw into the was and couldn’t retrieve it — oops!

So, there you have it! Besides rearranging a few things and adding new comfy bedding (I finally got the Hearth & Hand pillow I’ve been eyeing and a Casaluna comforter!), that’s all we did for this little update! I think it makes a big difference! Scroll through a few of these before and afters and tell me what you think! 🙂


Master Bedroom Refresh Master Bedroom Refresh

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