Our Wedding Day

May 23, 2018

After a restless night of anticipation, the day I’d been waiting my whole life for was here. I’m getting married today. The morning quickly became a frenzy of gathering everything and rushing to the most expensive, yet beautiful hair appointment I’ve ever had. Shortly after arriving at Happy Apple Celebrations for our big day, I was ready.

Dressed in the most gorgeous lace dress with my makeup applied to perfection, I was ready to see Joey. Butterflies filled my stomach. Warmth spread through my cheeks. This was a daydream I couldn’t believe was happening. I stepped out into the apple orchard. His back was turned, waiting in anticipation. I made my way towards him. Every step building my nerves. I reached out and touched his shoulder. As he turned to face me, emotion broke across his face. Tears filled his eyes as he pulled me in tight. It was beautiful. I couldn’t have even dreamed of a more special moment.

As our guests began to arrive, Joey and I returned to our separate rooms to rest and wait for our ceremony to begin. Dan, our pastor, (he married my parents!) joined me and my bridesmaids in our room and prayed with us. After he left to start the ceremony, we took our places. My dad and I stood just inside the reception hall. Our bridal party made their way down the grassy aisle. Suddenly, it was my turn. I grabbed my dad’s arm and we were on our way. While everyone’s eyes were on me, I was fixed on Joey. He watched us approach and a smile graced his face. My dad gave me a hug and kissed my head before placing my hand in Joey’s.

Dan told a few jokes and kept the ceremony light. It was perfect. We wrote our own vows. I couldn’t wait to share my words and hear his. Joey began to read from his page. “I Joey, take you Bethany to be my wife…” His voice broke. He wiped away the tears streaming down his cheeks as he finished his vows. Oh my, he truly means every word! Never ever would I have expected such an emotional moment from Joey. My vows, while sweet and heartfelt, paled to his sentiment.

After greeting all of our guests, we joined our reception for food, fun and dancing. The band (the same band we danced to at the swing dance!) played and we danced the night away. Having a band was Joey’s idea and it was the best wedding decision ever. Our guests—young and old—all enjoyed the music and danced the night away.

Our wedding day is truly one of my most cherished memories. It’s the day Joey and I started a life together that I absolutely love. While most days are not quite as deep and beautiful as this one, it’s beautiful memories like this that remind us of the love we have for each other and push us on to more beautiful days together in the future.

Joey, my love, I loved you then, I love you now and I always will.


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