Outdoor Family Photos in Ames, Iowa

December 1, 2023

Family Photos in Ames, Iowa

It’s such a delight to photograph sessions for friends. Matt and Erin have been close friends of ours for a long time. In the past, Erin has been my go-to second shooter, so if you’re a past wedding couple, you might recognize her! We first met early on in our marriages, so it’s been so sweet to watch their family grow.

A year ago, Joey and I moved back to Ames. Living close to our friends once again has been a blessing. Up until now, I haven’t done many sessions in Ames, so it was fun to explore a new location. This park is actually where I took some of my very first photos when I got my first camera!

Outdoor Family Photos with Toddlers

When I said earlier that it’s been fun to watch Matt and Erin’s family grow, they grew exponentially last year when they welcomed their twin daughters into their family! Chasing twin toddlers around a park and trying to get them both to look for photos is no easy feat. When littles are part of sessions, I love to let them lead. Capturing whats real and true will always be more special than a “perfect” photo.

Erin asked if her parents could be included in some of the photos. YES! I love including other family members in sessions when it makes sense. Her parents came and were a huge help with keeping the girls entertained throughout the session. They grabbed their attention and tracked them down whenever they wandered too far off. The photos of everyone together are some of my favorites, and I’m sure they will be treasured memories as these girls get older!

See more family sessions here. If you’re looking for family photos in Ames (or anywhere in Iowa!), contact me for more information!

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