Rainy Iowa City Engagement Session

Rainy Iowa City Engagement Session

October 7, 2020

Rain is one of those things that every bride worries about for her wedding day. It’s something we wish we could control, but we just can’t! This rainy Iowa City engagement session is 100% proof that a rainy day doesn’t have to mean disaster!

On the day we’d planned for Kelsey and David’s engagement session, it was scheduled to rain most of the day. I checked the radar that day like it was my job! It looked like the rain was supposed to stop right around the time we were scheduled to start their session. I encouraged David and Kelsey to still come. They drove hours through the rain, and the second we pulled into the park, the rain slowed to a sprinkle, then stopped! We didn’t have a single drop of rain our entire session together! It was incredible!

These two met at their CrossFit gym and have been together ever since! While in school, Kelsey always passed a cool looking bridge on her way to class. She mentioned to David one time that she wanted to check it out together sometime. Well, she put the the thought in the back of her mind and forgot about it. But, David remembered!

One evening, they were out for a drive after getting dinner. Kelsey had no idea where David was headed. Any guesses where they went? Right to the bridge Kelsey had mentioned ONE time! They walked out onto the rose covered bridge, and there, at sunset, David proposed!

David and Kelsey, thank you for trusting my whim that the rain was going to stop, and even if it didn’t, we were going to make it work. Chancing the storm was well worth the risk! I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys next year at Ashton Hill!

Rainy Iowa City Engagement Session Rainy Iowa City Engagement Session

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