Reimagine Wedding “First Looks”

January 24, 2024

Beyond Pros and Cons of First Looks

It has been common in weddings over the last few years to have a very orchestrated “first look” moment. When I was a bride in 2014, this wasn’t something I knew about. I just wanted to have a quiet moment with my husband when he saw me in my dress the first time. Since then, “first looks” have been on the rise. 

I want to push the question beyond “should you do a first look,” to reimagining what this moment actually looks like. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the first time you see each other on your wedding day to be documented. As a photographer and past bride, I’d encourage you to have something of this moment captured. It’s definitely a meaningful (and sometimes emotional) part of the wedding day. But, your first time seeing each other doesn’t have to be staged.

You have the freedom for that moment to be anything you want it to be.

What to do for your first look instead

Often on wedding days, it falls to the photo/video team to decide the “perfect” location for you to see each other. The moment is set up and often repeated to catch the best take of the moment. When this happens, all the raw authenticity fades away for a show. That doesn’t sit right with me.

I urge you to ask yourself “What would make this moment special to us?” Then do that. Whether it’s having your groom subtly enter the room or excitedly rushing down the hall to meet each other, whatever is authentic to you is beautiful.

As a wedding photographer, I step back during these moments. Your wedding is not for the photos, the photos are to document your wedding. Whatever your “first look,” or rather first time seeing each other on your wedding day looks like, I want you to be fully present and enjoy the moment. It only happens once, so soak up this time together and enjoy your beautiful day.

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Bride and groom about to embrace after their first look

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