Rowan James • One Year

March 18, 2019

Wow, I can’t believe this day is here already! Our baby boy is ONE!!! I still remember it all so clearly.

One year ago (yesterday) I second shot a wedding for a dear friend of mine. At the time I was big and swollen very pregnant. 39 weeks to be exact! That whole wedding day, contractions came and went, but there was nothing to worry about. I was able to make it through the day with only short pauses to catch my breath. All was well!

That night, I drove home and went to bed as usual (uncomfortable, but the usual for a pregnant lady). The next morning (a year ago today!), I got up, got ready for church. As I got ready, I was having contractions. Still, they seemed inconsistent. During worship at church, they upped their intensity. I had to stop singing and brace myself against the seat in front of me to make it through each contraction. Still, they seemed inconsistent.

We got groceries as usual after church, but with every contraction, I had to stop. I whipped out my contraction tracking app and started timing. The app urged me to go to the hospital. I don’t feel that bad though. We drove home and it seemed as though today was not going to be the day we would meet our baby boy. I felt fine even as we ate and laid Evelyn down for a nap. Joey prepped for a workout and I paced around the house. The contractions returned. Just as Joey was about to leave, I informed him he wasn’t going to the gym, but instead taking me to the hospital. Whoops!

The second my mom arrived to watch Evelyn, we were off. Again, as we drove, my contractions slowed. I thought for sure the hospital wasn’t going to admit me.

However, I was wrong! They admitted me immediately after we arrived and before I knew it, my quiet Sunday had turned into a rush of IV’s, monitors and “quick” labor. For medical reasons, I had to wait a few extra hours before delivery was safe, but after that, we met our boy within minutes!

Since the day the doctor placed Rowan in my arms, I’ve been absolutely in love. When We first found out we were pregnant, I couldn’t imagine loving another baby as much as I loved Evelyn. But, I completely do! This sweet blue-eyed boy has captured my heart. From his snuggles to his love for banging pots and pans — I love it all.

Rowan, I’m so blessed to be your mama. God knew we needed you in our family, even before we did. Your first year was a challenge, but also so incredible. I’m excited to watch you grow into the strong, kind man God created you to be. Love, Mama

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