Simone and Matt’s Summer Galena Wedding

August 20, 2022

Anticipation built throughout the day. After getting ready with their friends and family at Ashton Hill Galena, everyone took a quiet drive to Dubuque for their ceremony at Christ the King Chapel. Simone wore the same crown that her grandmother and mother wore on their wedding days.

Following the ceremony we made a stop at the Dubuque Riverwalk to catch a few photos where Matt proposed to Simone. Content to hang with their friends and stay out of the intense humidity, they took a drive, soaking in the beautiful norther Illinois countryside before returning once more to Ashton Hill for their reception. The night was full of mingling among guests as they reconnected and celebrated Matt and Simone. Once the music started, Simone and her father tore up the dance floor with a myriad of twists and spins.

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