Squaw Creek Fall Engagement Session

October 22, 2018

Happy Monday, friends! We’re on to a new week! Can you believe we’re already into the last full week of October? Crazy! My season is beginning to slow down a bit. With one wedding left for the year and only a few more engagements, I’m soaking up every minute! This week I got to know Billy and Brittany as I captured their gorgeous sunset engagement at Squaw Creek in Marion.

When Brittany first reached out to me she had one request: a fall engagement session! After exchanging numerous emails back and forth and chatting over FaceTime, I had no doubt — I couldn’t wait to have Billy and Brittany in front of my camera! They’re one cute couple! Brittany has the sweetest smile. Most of her smiles were brought on when she looked at Billy. You can clearly see the love the have for each other. And as if these two weren’t fun enough, they also brought along their golden doodle puppy, Obi (Star Wars fans!). He hopped and skipped his way around them, so excited to see his humans. I’m pretty sure he loved every second of his photo op!

With all the rain we’ve had here in Iowa recently, I was worried the beautiful fall colors wouldn’t pull through. Boy was I wrong to worry! We were blessed with the most beautiful prairies bathed in glowing sunlight! I couldn’t have dreamed of a more beautiful evening for a session! These college sweethearts are getting married next fall and I know their wedding is going to be even more beautiful. I’m so grateful I got to capture their engagement!

Just before we parted ways, they asked me for something no other couple has requested: marriage advice. After four years of marriage, I’m no expert, but I did have one little nugget of advice for them. Through my years being married to Joey I’ve learned you can’t change the other person. When you enter into marriage, you accept that person for who they are. Loving them is a choice you have to make daily. That’s not saying you won’t change in your relationship, but forcing change in someone other than yourself will never work!

Billy and Brittany, you’re so fun! I’m thrilled to capture this special time for you! Enjoy this season of engagement. It goes so quickly! I’m so thankful to have met you both!

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