The First “Date”

March 13, 2018

Texting with Joey continued. He was eager to go on a date. I was apprehensive. We were too stubborn to ever be a match, right?

My sister, Kaitlyn, was back from college for the summer, so she, a friend, my mom and I had a fun girl’s trip to the mall. The whole time we were together I was in text-talk with Joey. He wanted to do something together. I tried to play it off. I told the girls that he wanted to get together, but that I told him it wouldn’t work because I was already out with them. “He could go out to eat with us” my mom suggested.

Thinking he’d say no, I threw the idea out to him. Sure, I’d love to! I couldn’t believe my eyes. He wanted to get to know me so badly, he was willing to go out to eat with four women he hardly knew. What would we even talk about? We put together a plan. He would meet us at Texas Roadhouse for supper and then take me home.

We showed up at Texas Roadhouse, crunching peanuts with every step we took. As we stood in the entrance, waiting to be seated, Joey walked through the door. He looked good. Freshly showered with a grey t-shirt and light jeans. His signature baseball cap sat on his head at a slight angle. He walked towards us. This is so awkward, what do I even say?! Joey was cool and collected though. He joined right in with our conversations and made for a fun dinner date. He didn’t even seem to mind that I can’t control myself around those endless rolls and cinnamon butter. Yum!

After dinner our group parted ways. I went with Joey. We walked to his silver BMW and I slid into the passenger seat. I was on a date with Joey. I couldn’t get over it. We decided on ice cream (my favorite!) and a walk through the mall. After walking and talking a while, he drove me home. The entire ride was filled with more talking and there was nothing weird or awkward about the whole night. He was so easy to talk to. I enjoyed his company. He pulled into my parent’s driveway and got out to give me a hug. We talked for yet another hour, his car still running.

That night my heart changed. I think I was falling for him.

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