The First Kiss

May 3, 2018

A few weeks into our “talking” stage, it was time for something a little more real. A real one-on-one date with Joey. I dressed up in my best jeans and a cute top. He picked me up in that silver BMW and we headed to the fanciest place two recent high school graduates can afford: Olive Garden. Like a perfect gentleman, Joey opened my door and escorted me in. We were seated at a small table in the middle of the restaurant. He took the seat across from me and we each scanned the lunch menu, taking a few moments of silence to make our decisions. Vegetarian lasagna for me (it sounded good, even though I’m not a vegetarian!), chicken alfredo for Joey.

We talked for a bit and the conversation led to dating. “If I were to ask you out,” he questioned, “would you say yes?” I mulled over the question, but only for a second. I explained how my mind had changed about him. While I thought we were both still stubborn, I felt myself drawn to saying “yes,” were he to ask.

Our plates were cleared and we headed back out to the car. On the drive, Joey reached across the center console and took my hand. He glanced over and looked me in the eye. “I like your family, and I really you. Think we can work things out?” he questioned.

“So, you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?” I inquired.

“Yes, yes I do.”

To that, I agreed.

The whole exchange was a little awkward, but I didn’t mind. I wrap my arm around his and rested my head on his shoulder. Wow, I have a boyfriend. This is certainly not what I had imagined. We pulled into my driveway. Butterflies filled my stomach. I looked up at him and he looked at me. Before I could register what was happening, we exchanged three soft kisses before pulling away. My mind was racing as we exited the car. Before heading home he gave me one last hug.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it: Joey and I were officially a couple!

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