Vivian and Carter’s Mason City Wedding

August 12, 2022

Everything about Vivian and Carter’s wedding day was classic and tender. Every moment was endearing. It truly felt like a day where two families were gently placing the hands of their children together and praying over the life they will live together. You could feel rushes of excitement at every turn. Vivian revealed her stunning bridal look to her bridesmaids and was met with enthusiastic hugs from all of her girls. When Carter first saw Vivian, he not only embraced her, but he also did a full 360º walk to fully admire her beauty.

This day reminds me of what wedding days are all about. Memorable moments with family and celebrating joy in little details. It’s the moments like being whisked off to their reception in an antique car or listening to her dad give a storytelling speech of how their relationship that will last for a lifetime as stories passed down.

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