Wedding Details: What Your Photographer Needs

January 16, 2018

You’ve planned out every part of you big day. The flowers are divine, you’ve picked the perfect shoes, and your dress? Well, you didn’t spend all that money on it for nothing! So, when your photographer arrives and asks for your wedding details, what do they mean? Details are the very first thing I shoot on a wedding day. While you’re getting the final touches put on your hair and makeup, I’m carefully documenting each and every special detail you’ve chosen for your day. So, what should you have ready when I arrive?


You sent out the most gorgeous invitations on the finest paper, but so often these gorgeous keepsakes are forgotten on the wedding day. I encourage all my brides to bring a full invitation suite along with their other details. That way you will have beautifully styled images of the little details you planned out that quite literally say something about your day!

TIP: Don’t forget the envelope!!


Ring images may seem like a given, but before you know it, your groom is off getting ready and no one can find the best man with the groom’s ring and your wedding band. Make sure to have all three rings gathered before we start the day! Plus, if they’re all together, we have them ready for your first look; allowing you guys show off your new married rings during your bride and groom portraits!


Your dress is typically the absolute first thing I photograph! It’s especially important to have ready right away because, once you put it on for the day, it’s not coming off! When we arrive we’ll take your dress and ever so delicately hang it for a few overall shots and closeups of the gorgeous details. If you’ll be wearing a veil, we will use it to style some of our detail shots, so make sure its included!

BONUS: If you bought a special hanger, make sure it’s with the dress!


What girl doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes (no matter how much they hurt!)? Whether you chose heels, flats, or sandals for your special day, we want to take some beautiful images of them!

TIP: If you’ve worn your shoes to break them in, make sure they are free of dirt!


When you’re flowers arrive, have them sent straight to your getting ready room! Bouquets are one of my absolute favorite things to photograph because flowers are just so dang pretty! If possible, have the boutonnieres delivered with the bouquets; they look awesome in wedding detail shots! We’ll get them pinned on the guys before any bridal party photos are taken.


Whether you opted for a bracelet, earrings, necklace, hair comb or all the above, make sure to include them all! These little items all play a part in your unique look. so we want to document them all for you!

TIP: Take all tags off jewelry!


Did your groom gift you a special ring box? Are you wearing grandma’s pearls or maybe her handkerchief is your “something borrowed?” Make sure to bring these treasures! If they are special to you, they deserve to be beautifully documented!

FINAL TIP: Gather all your wedding details in a box!

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