Why do a First Look at your wedding?

August 25, 2020

As you plan your wedding, you may be asking yourself what’s the big deal with doing a first look? It’s tempting to want to be “traditional” about your wedding day and not break the age-old rule of not seeing the bride before the ceremony. I however, think there is more to be gained on your wedding day by doing a first look together! I’m here to answer the big question “why do a first look at your wedding?”

There are many, many reasons I LOVE first looks on a wedding day! Here are my top four!


1. More time together

When you do a first look, you get to spend MORE of your one and only wedding day TOGETHER! Rather than tiptoeing around all day trying not to see each other, why not enjoy every single moment of the day with the love of your life? I guarantee the memories you’ll have of spending the day together far outweigh the duty of sticking to tradition!

2. A private moment

Without a first look, your private time together on your wedding day has to wait until after everyone has left the reception. Literally from the moment you leave the ceremony, EVERYONE will be trying to congratulate you! You barely get a moment to soak in that “just married” feeling with your new spouse! With a first look, you get a private moment to just enjoy each other! Your hubby can truly look at you in al your bridal glory. You’ll have a memory (mental and photo memory!) of that moment forever. (Also, don’t worry about missing a special moment down the aisle! That public moment will still be just as meaningful!!)

3. More portrait time

When you’ve already seen each other before the ceremony, we can get ALL of your photos done BEFORE the ceremony! That way, when you enter the ceremony, the stress of the day is done! You don’t have to worry about gathering your family and bridal party and rushing to get your photos done so you can make it to the reception on time! I guarantee you this will bring so much peace on your wedding day!

4. Enjoy your party

When your photos are all done before the ceremony, you only have one thing left to do — enjoy your party!! With a first look you don’t make your guests wait and you get to enjoy your party with them for the entire night! 🙂


Did I convince you? Leave a comment below and let me know if you did a first look (or plan to!)! 🙂

why do a first look at your wedding why do a first look at your wedding

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